About Dreamtime Sleep Solutions 

Photo by Melanie Smith

Our Mission

Dreamtime Sleep Solutions’ mission is to work with parents and caregivers committed to teaching their babies and children how to adopt healthy sleep habits.

You're not alone.

As both a qualified sleep consultant and mother of two little boys, I bring not only a wealth of professional skills and knowledge but a deeper personal understanding and experience of the many struggles associated with being a parent. I know firsthand what lack of sleep, complete exhaustion, frustration and helplessness can feel like. I also know how to help you find your way to a better night’s sleep and to do so in a way that you will feel comfortable, confident and happy with.

Part of my role as a sleep consultant is to provide you with customized easy to follow action plan.  But that's not all.

Dreamtime Sleep Solutions Can Help 

The real value of Dreamtime Sleep Solutions is in the constant support and guidance you receive as you navigate your way through the implementation period.

Yes, many parents can successfully follow a well-laid out plan from a top-rated sleep book by a well-respected sleep expert however when things don’t go exactly as they should parents become lost.

  • How do you make appropriate changes?
  • How do you make the plan fit your child?
  • Where do you turn to ask questions?

Dreamtime Sleep Solutions gives you a step-by-step plan that is specific to you and your child’s needs but through daily contact via phone or email that plan is an ever-changing blueprint.

Together, I work with you to react to any challenges that arise and makes changes as needed. My goal is to ensure you are successful in achieving your sleep goals and ultimately have a well-rested, healthier and happier home.

"But what about crying?"

Crying is how babies and even young children communicate. They cry for a variety of reasons and not all those reasons are associated with pain or discomfort. In some instances, crying is a child’s way of protesting change and you can expect that making changes to their sleep habits will be met with some amount of protesting. However, I will never ask you to leave your baby alone, to cry endlessly (known as crying-it-out) until sleep happens.

I use methods that allow your child time to learn and practice healthy, independent sleep skills but always done in an environment that is both loving and supportive and appropriate for your family’s needs.

If you have any questions about philosophy behind the methods used by Dreamtime Sleep Solutions, please don't hesitate to ask!! Emails can be sent to dana@dreamtimesleep.com.