Dana's Story

Photo by Melanie Smith

Dana Murrin Sleep Consultant

My Journey to Becoming a Sleep Consultant

As a mom of two highly energetic little boys, ages 6 and 4, I know what’s it’s like to be sleep deprived. I know how it feels to be too tired to tie your own shoelaces yet the baby needs to be fed, the toddler needs to be changed, dinner needs to be cooked, laundry needs to be done and you can’t remember the last time you stepped into a shower.

Baby #1

Our first sweet baby boy, Bryce was such a terrible sleeper right from the beginning. He never settled easily for sleep, he only ever napped 30 minutes at a time and woke during the night too many times to count. I was exhausted and barely functioning. Somehow I managed to get through. 

Thankfully, with lots of work, around a year of age, Bryce’s naps increased in length and he started to sleep during the night. Life started to seem easier and I regained some sense of my former self.

Then Came Baby #2

When Bryce was 2 and a half, we welcomed our second beautiful boy, Nolan, into the world but sadly his sleep was worse than his brother’s. Nolan only slept on me and nursed all the time. Once again exhaustion set in but this time it was worse because now I had a toddler to chase around.

 By 4 months I could no longer cope and we searched for a solution.

Help Arrived!

While living in Australia on an expat assignment we hired Shan Roth, a reputable paediatric sleep consultant in Calgary, to help us get the sleep our family so desperately needed.

After working with Shan, Nolan’s sleep dramatically improved. We no longer needed to spend an hour shushing, rocking, or nursing him to sleep. Our little baby could be laid in his crib, wide awake and then peacefully drift off to sleep on his own. His naps became predictable, regular and restorative and nights waking’s disappeared. Our entire family was finally happy, healthy and well-rested.

Paying it Forward...

Because I had such a difficult time with both my boys and their poor sleep skills, my heart goes out to any parent I hear going through the same thing. Over the past few years, any time I spoke to a mom or dad struggling with their child’s lack of sleep I wanted to help. I told them everything that worked for me knowing, of course, every baby is different and that what specifically worked for my boys may not work but I just wanted to help.

Health, children and helping people has always been what I am most passionate about.

Prior to moving overseas and becoming a stay at home mom, I was a high school science teacher in Alberta and previous to that a member of the professional organization, Dieticians of Canada. My educational history includes a Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition and a Bachelor of Education.

Upon moving home to Canada - Summer 2016, the opportunity arose for me to become a certified Paediatric Sleep Consultant by one of Calgary’s leading sleep experts, Shan Roth, of JammyTime Sleep Solutions and I jumped at the chance. I knew I could do and can do more than just help my friends and family. 

I strongly believe sleep is a cornerstone to a happy, healthy well-functioning family and it is my goal to help all families achieve this, one home at a time.

There are a lot of things I’ve wasted money on for my baby but hiring Dana wasn’t one of them. I can honestly say it was the best money we ever spent. Before contacting Dana, we were co-sleeping and baby T would only nap either on me or in his swing. It was getting exhausting so at 4 months we decided to sleep train. I knew it was going to be difficult and I wanted the support of a professional and I'm so happy I chose Dana. She was warm and friendly and always there to answer questions. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is having trouble with their little one's sleep.